Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Review

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The savage levels in this episode was turnt up to the max!

Hi world its your girl BVIMermaid, with another Game of Throne’s review from season 7, episode 3, the Queen’s Justice… and oh  boy does it live up to it title and its all thanks to Euron. Cersei has won another strategic battle against team Targarygen has she was successful in eliminating two of her pledge followers. Who am I referring to, you have to continue reading to find out.

Let’s take things a step back


The episode started with Jon and Ser Davos arriving at Dragonstone. I guess a month in Westeros takes a week in reality. I am not one to complain and it actually is awesome they arrived quickly since there are few more episodes remaining. On shore, they are greeted by Tyrion, Missandei and some Dothraki. As always, Jon and Tyrion greeted each other with some weird bromance, talking about they haven’t seen each other for a while. GOT fans you’ll notice the change. The last saw each other Jon was at the wall and Tyrion was drinking up a storm around Westeros. Now, Jon is King of the North and Tyrion, is the hand of Queen Danaerys. Missandei asked the men to remove their weapons (which they did) and was taken to the castle. In the background, you see the Dothraki men, taking Jon’s boat. Dude… you are now their prisoner. If you didn’t think of it that way, the confiscation of the boat was a big indication.

Upon walking the stairway, Tyrion had time to asked about his dear beloved wife Sansa.. (must have been an awkward moment for Jon and one he wasn’t in the mood to talk about) as Tyrion later told Jon that their marriage was “unconsummated”.  As the conservation continued, Tyrion mentioned that Starks don’t do well when they travel South and Jon replied, “true- but I’m not a Stark”, then Drogon flew in frightening everyone except for Missandei the Dothraki. Tyrion words of comfort were, “don’t worry you’ll get use to them”.

On the top of the hill, Melisandre watches the party as their slowly approaches the castle. Varys suddenly appeared and questioned her, after all she was the one who orchestrated for Dany and Jon to meet. Her response was that her role was to bring Ice and Fire together and that she’s done whispering into kings’ ears. She also admitted that she didn’t part on good terms and was going to Volantis. After throwing shade and telling Melisandre to don’t come back, she reassured Varys that she will return and she must die in Westeros just like him.

Onto the main event, the meeting that every fan wanted to see, Dany and Jon’s first meeting. Here it was… the long introductions of Danaerys titles that she has collected throughout the show. Who else is tired of hearing it? I know I am. Ser Davos did the introduction for Jon, which was short and simple. “This is Jon Snow. ..pause. He’s King in the North.” And minutes later accidentally revealed that Jon used to be dead. The two didn’t hit it off as many would think, all Danaerys cared about was Jon bending the knee and pledging his loyalty towards her in which he refused and reminded her about the sins of her father the mad king. Daenerys talks up all her achievements, her steely resolve and fiery faith in herself. Her struggles.  I guess with all the self praise she thought Jon would then bend the knee to her.. Nope, still refused to do so.

As the two continued to bicker, Jon eventually mentions the presence of white walkers and like many others whom he told this story too doesn’t believe him until they see it for themselves. You can hardly blame her when Jon started talking about the army of the dead… then again, no one didn’t believed in dragons either. Shortly after Varys walked into the room, whispers in Dany’s ear informing her about the Greyjoys and their fleet.

The next scene that we saw at Dragonstone, Jon is frustrated that no one believes him and wants to go back to the North. At this point, we know Jon knows nothing and forgot why she went to Dragonstone in the first place- to mine dragon glass. When he did remembered, Tyrion went to Dany, asked her if Jon could mine the mineral and she eventually gave Jon her blessing to do so.

At Sea

Theon was hoisted out from the water by one of the escaped vessels. The captain asked about Yara and Theon informed him that Euron took her and he did everything he could to save her. The disappointed look on their faces told it all when the captain said, “you wouldn’t have been here if you tried.”


At Kingslanding, Euron is riding through the streets, with Yara, Ellaria and Tyene behind of him. The crowd cheers him on as he hurled the women through the town.

Euron mocks Yara about Theon and proceeded into the throne room , throwing Ellaria at Cersei’s feet stating that she was the long promised gift. Euron declares that he’s brought her “what no other man could give.” Harsh words aimed at Jamie but Euron continued to charm Cersei from being in the friend one to potential lovers. She reassures him that he will get his heart’s desire after the war is won. Euron is now in charge of the naval forces and Jamie is in charge of the army on land.

If his words of humiliation weren’t enough, Euron later asked Jamie for sexual advice when it comes to his sister and Jamie could barely contain in his rage. After all, he doesn’t want to prove to court that he’s having relations with his sister.

The scene cuts to the cells in the Reds Keep, Ellaria and Tyene are in chains and gagged. At the door standing guard was the mountain and. Cersei wearing a pick lipstick. She torments Ellaria about Oberyn’s death, providing graphic descriptions about how the Mountain killed him, the screams she made as such happy memories, but the expression and the tone of her voice changed as she turned to Tyene. Cersei complimented her on her beauty and how she must be her mother’s favourite.  Powerless to do anything, Ellaria listens to Cersei as she mentioned how powerful she must have felt when killing Myrcella and how at night she thought about ways of destroying Ellaria. As she walked closer to Tyene, it became obvious on how she was going to get her revenge on Ellaria. She poisoned Tyene the same way she did to Myrcella. Her plan was to keep Ellaria alive long enough to watch her daughter die and rot.  After that, Cersei wiped off the poison, ran up to Jamie as if tormenting Ellaria was turning her on and two got on it on. The next morning, the two woke up in bed together, Jamie of course still wants to keep their relationship in secret but Cersei doesn’t care and allowed ta servant to see them.  She was informed that her accountant from the Iron Bank was at Kingslanding and the next scene the two exchanged conservations. She was informed that the Lannisters were in debt. Cersei made a point regarding how banks love the slave trade and ensures him that her debts will be paid in full. What do you think Cersei has cooking up? Do you think she’s planning on turning Danaerys followers into slaves again in order to pay her debt with the Iron bank?


To the North, Sansa is doing administrative work, ensuring that there’s enough food and supplies for everyone. Lord Baelish who is around Sansa like a leach waits for them to be alone and warns her not to ignore Cersei because she’s dangerous.  He later advises her to consider every possibility, think of everyone as both a friend and enemy and that way she will be prepared for anything and nothing will surprise her.  Sansa was eventually called away and then….SURPRISE!!! Bran is home.

She cries then hugs her brother. She hasn’t seen him since she left to go Kingslanding to marry Joffrey.  Over at the Godswood, Sansa was telling Bran that he is the rightful heir to Winterfell and he should be the Lord of Winterfell. (You see this.. this is the type of crap that would come out from Lord Baelish venous swords mouth). Bran then reveals he is the Three-Eyed Raven, telling Sansa, “I can see everything that’s ever happened to everyone,” and then proving it by recounting her wedding to a sadistic rapist. It was a horrific experience to Sansa but yet he spoke about it with no emotions nor feelings.

The Citadel

At the Citadel, Jurah is cured and will most definitely run to Cersei where she will keep him further in the friend-zone. He was free to leave and thanked Sam for helping him. The Archmaester asked Sam to see him in his chambers and later revealed that he was impressed that he was able to heal Jurah. He also got in trouble for disobeying him and  as asked to obey scrolls that the Archmaester had on his desk.

Casterly Rock

We see a narrative play-by-play action of Casterly Rock as foretold by Tyrion. He explains that the castle was impenetrable. Scenes cut to the Unsullied’s invasion as saw many lives were lost. Tyrion continued stating that his father gave him the task of developing the sewerage system and he revealed that he knows a secret way in. Greyworm and the rest of the Unsullied took charged throughout the city, killing the soliders that were there, and slowly realizing that most of the Lannister’s army wasn’t there. Where are they? They were heading to Highgarden.  In this tactical advancement, it proves that Cersei’s court is better at playing the chest pieces than


There wasn’t much action here as the Lannister’s army marched to Highgarden with the help of Sam’s father. Scenes cut to Jamie and Lady Olenna talking and insulting Joffrey, calling him a cunt. Got to love that woman, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Jamie unfazed by her granted her a merciful death by throwing poison into her wine, which she graciously accepted and drank. However, in her final words before the episode ended she revealed that it was her who poisoned their son Joffrey. The look and shock on Jamie’s face was priceless as he stared at the soon to be dead woman. Im honestly surpised he didn’t ran her through with Widow’s Wail but I think Lady Olenna got the last laugh on the Lannisters.

Lady Olenna, the Queen of Thrones was the last Tyrell to be killed by the Lannisters. She was a savage, one of my favorite characters and would be missed.

Daenerys has lost another pawn piece in this strategic game of chest. Will her luck turn around? We will find out with the release of episode 4 which airs Sunday, August 6th and I can’t wait.





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