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Overall there was a lot going on during this episode, from the interment moments between Greyworm and Missandri, seeing old familiar faces to the what the hell moments of a broken Theon.

Episode 2 was filled with a lunatic, explosions, fire, blood, romance, reunions and more. Lets just be honest, something about this episode was not as epic as episode one,leaving the fans on a rollercoaster experience. Characters that we are starting to love, we might hate again, others we are plotting to kill mentally and others we are rooting for. Let us begin….get it… let us begin.. haha ok…


In the beginning, we know that Danaerys arrived in Dragonstone (as we saw in episode 1), the place of her birth, where she sits and plots and plans with her advisers and allies. Here she stated that it doesn’t feel like home. I really dont know what was she expecting? A party with persons telling her welcome home with a cake?

It wasn’t too long as she had her sights on Lord Varys as she questioned his loyalty to the past monarchs. Who wouldn’t blame her, he pledged his undying loyalty to her grandfather, Robert Barathon, her brother Viserys and probably any other possibly would be rulers within the seven kingdom. Let’s not forget her also tried to have her assassinated. My concern during this scene was why now? She had ample time to do so and she waited till they arrived in Westeros to do so?  I think that was a stupid and irritant move on her part.  As the hand of the Queen, Tyrion convinced Danny that Lord Varys has proven himself to be a loyal servant to her. She snaps back by saying “If he dislikes one monarch he conspires to crown the next one. What kind of servant is that?” He verifies his actions by stating “the kind that the realm needs”. From here we see that Lord Varys loyalty is to the people, not to the kings. Daenerys later asked Lord Varys to swear by her that he wouldn’t conspire against her if she is ever failing the people and he will tell her how she is failing and with a cold tone to her voice, she said “If you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive”.

After this, Danaerys meets Melisandre, the Red Witch. She recites the prophecy of Azor Ahai, a prophecy that Melisandre has shared with both Stannis Baratheon and Jon Snow. The prophecy speaks of the “prince” that will bring about the dawn, but we are quickly told by Missandei that the translation is incorrect and that “prince” in High Valyrian is non-gendered, so the quotation could refer to “prince or princess.” Melisandre also stated that another has an important role to play and asks Danaerys to summon John Snow to her.  Tyrion sends a raven to Winterfell to request Jon’s presence at Dragonstone, to join forces and “bend the knee to his Queen.” We all know that Jon is not someone who likes to start war but at this moment I had to laugh. Jon is the King of the North, declared by the people of the North and here come Danaerys demanding Jon to bend his knee towards her. I understand she doesn’t want to be known as the Queen of the Ash but I’m curious to what kind of ruler she will be in Westeros. Will bits and pieces of her father the mad king will be revealed in Danny if she ever claims the iron throne from Cersei? Would she be wise and listen to Tyrion or would be take the advice of Olenna Tyrell


Up in the North, Jon Snow received and read the invitation from Tyrion but Sansa thinks it’s a trap. Ser Davos does like the sound of those dragons. “Fire kills wights,” he says. He later assembled the lords and ladies informing them of the two letters he’s received, via raven, one from the Citadel and one from Dragonstone.

The first, from Danaerys, was a request to come to Dragonstone to meet with the Queen and bend the knee and so forth, the second letter was from Samwell Tarly, who discovered a mountain of dragonglass on Dragonstone. Dragonglass, along with fire and Valyrian steel, can kill wights and White Walkers. Jon wants to go meet with Dany, convince her to join forces with them, mine the dragonglass and deafeat the night king and his undead army, win- win situation right? WRONG! Sansa once again is against the idea and opposed Jon, in front of everyone. You’ll think after the first altercation  Sansa would want to discuss things privately but it seems as if Sansa has her own opinions on how to rule a kingdom. What was also surprising was that the other lords and ladies sided with Sansa and Jon eventually left her in charge until his return.  I think Lord Baelish (Little Finger) likes the fact that Sansa is now in charge and he can slowly manipulate her… the rat.

In the crypt beneath Winterfell, Lord Baelish was brave enough to admit his affections towards Catelyn and now for his sister. An enraged John leaps out with his fingers tightly squeezing Lord Baelish’s neck saying “Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself”. At this point I really don’t see why Jon didn’t get rid of Little Finger at this moment but I am guessing because he has men that assisted in the Battle of the Bastards is why he tolerates him! They need all the help they can get in trying to defeat the night king and his army.



Not much is going on at Kingslanding, Cersei is trying to gather her remaining allies to assist her against the fight against her enemies and she does that through fear. The mad king daughter will do this… the mindless Unsullied… rape.. etc etc. We even saw Jamie, talking to Randyll Tarly, Sam’s father trying to persuade him to join Cersei and as a reward or as he put it, “if he plays his cards right, he can be the warden of the South”. Such a tempting offer!

At the next scene in Kingslanding Qyburn took Cersei down to the cellars of the Red Keep, where old dragon skulls from the Targaryen era are kept as trophies from Robert’s rule. It’s there that he shows her his secret weapon- a cross bow? Its finest artisans blacksmiths has been working on it before using on the dragon skulls as target practice. The gigantic ballista can shoot a spear with enough force to crack a dragon’s skull. He relays to Cersei that there were reports of the dragons being wounded in Meereen by spears. If a dragon can be wounded, then a dragon can be killed. My thoughts on this matter, Drogon was wounded because he was on the ground, trying to protect his mother from the Sons of Harpy

The dragons bodies are covered with hard scales, trying to land a good blow with them flying around spitting fire.. ahem… good luck

The Citadel

We got a better look at the condition that Jurah is in. The Greyscale has covered half of his body. Gross! The Archmaester provided Jurah an additional day to stay at the Citadel because he didn’t want anyone to be affected by the disease. After his research, Sam discovered a cure for Greyscale which was to remove the greyscale from the flesh.. However, there is a catch. If not done correctly, he too can become infected. Wanting to help Jurah, Sam still went ahead, snucked into Jurah’s quarters and played doctor, hacking away at the greyscale. Looking at some scenes, it looked like Sam is quite enjoying himself, sawing off the skin as if he’s slicing a brick or hard cheese.

Scenes cut right into a pie with cream oozing out… Hey its Arya chowing on bread and guzzling ale. She ran into Hot Pie, remember him?. He looks the same, unchanged, happily working in the inn. But he does notice the change in Arya and started to question her, asking her where she’s going, why are you going to Kingslanding and why she’s not going home. Her response was, “the Bolton has Winterfell, why would I want to go there?” To her astonishment, she learned that Jon, reclaimed Winterfell and is now King of the North. Her plan to assassinate Cersei was put on hold as she headed for Winterfell.

We later saw Arya again out in the cold snow swept forest, her horse is nervous and shortly after, wolves came. She found herself surrounded and creeping up behind her was Nymeria. We haven’t seen Nymeria since season one when the Starks were heading to Kingslanding. Nymeria bit Joffrey’s hand when defending Arya and Cersei wanted Nymeria dead. In an attempt to save her life, Arya chased her away. Now, (presently) we see Nymeria and she is enormous. She’s even bigger than Ghost.  Arya asked Nymeria to return North with her but Nymeria walked away, deciding to roam free leading a pack of wolves. Arya’s final words to Nymeria, “That’s not you.

It was a big moment in the show where we finally saw the two reunite and it quickly shattered when Nymeria returned to the woods with her pack. I’m hoping to see more of Nymeria sometime later in the season.

Greyworm and Missandei

Since season four, we’ve noticed some chemistry going on between Greyworm and Missandei was the two were pinning at one another, but since Greyworm’s castration since infancy, it was difficult to see or imagine how his emotions would be portrayed. Well it finally happened three seasons later when both parties finally acted upon their feelings for one another before Greyworm set sail for Casterly Rock. Greyworm told Missandei that it was hard to say good bye to her, she was his weakness and now after meeting her, he has fear. It was a touching scene. We later saw nudity and… you get the idea. It was a hot and steamy scenes fans all over the world was waiting to happen.

The Burning Fleet

ok for this scene let’s cut to the chase, we see Yara is taking Ellaria and the other sand snakes back to Dorne. Both girls flirt, Theron was called Yara’s protector blah blah blah and the boat was hit. Yara ran up on the deck to see what was happening and behold, the sea was on fire. Men were fighting and here enters her psychotic uncle Euron. Euron boards the ship and his men start killing everyone, seriously it was a blood bathe it almost reminded me of when Tyrion used wildfire against Stannis. Anyways straying a bit, two of the Sand Snakes are killed by Euron while the third, along with Ellaria and Yara are taken captive.

Theon who is STILL suffering from post traumatic stress disorder jumps over board, abandoning his sister and was left hiding in the sea. I cant fully hate Theon at this stage, we have to sympathize with him. I think takes alot of courage and will power to overcome the trauma he endured when he was with Ramsay.

Overall there was a lot going on during this episode, from the interment moments between Greyworm and Missandri, seeing old familiar faces to the what the hell moments of a broken Theon. We now know that Jon is heading to Dragonstone and with Melisandre being there, I wonder how Ser Davos will take the brief reunion? Will he get the opportunity to kill Melisandre like he said he would if they ever crossed paths again?  What about Euron’s captives? We all know that Euron promised that he will come back to Kingslanding with a gift for Cersei, will this gift be Ellaria? The woman that killed her daughter? I’m so excited to see her reaction when they meet face to face. Tell us your thoughts about episode two and what you think might happen in episode 3. This is your girl BVI Mermaid from Carib Gamer signing off till the next episode!





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