Gambit Trial is Live Now!

That’s right folks! The savior of Destiny 2 is here for all to try. If you have been following the bumpy road we call Destiny then you will know that Gambit is a mode that marries PVP (Player vs Player) game mode with PVE (Player vs Environment) game mode. Basically, for 24 hours you and your clan could bank motes in a race to beat your opponents and defeat a Primeval.

So you are asking yourself what must I do to take part in this awesome experience?

  • Must own the Destiny 2 base game. Expansions are not required.
  • Access to Gambit Trial requires your Guardian’s Super ability. New players must get past the Spark mission in Destiny 2. If you meet this requirement, load Destiny 2 and follow the in-game prompts on the Director screen to access – starting at 10 AM PDT on September 1st.
  • Also, no new in-game rewards will be provided. You can earn existing in-game Crucible rewards.

Just like PUBG and Fortnite this a new hybrid mode. First of a kind. So hurry while Destiny 2 is free for PSN Plus users!


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