Fire Force Episode #2 Review

Just when I thought this series couldn’t be anymore like Naruto they introduced his rival. Shinra’s “Sasuke”. Enter the Knight, Arthur Boyle. He is the complete opposite to Sasuke if you check it out. Blonde hair versus the black hair. Not depressed but extremely bubbly. Only thing they both share is their weapon of choice is a blade. Oh and he loves the ladies.

Knight VS Devil

This episode focuses on two things. At first the fight between Shinra and Arthur establishes their strengths and position within the team. I love the banter between the two. They hate each other but not in a grudgingly way. They are definitely rivals but not enough to kill each other. Arthur’s powers is focused on a hilt of a sword. More like a plasma flame sword.

I liked how they set the tone for power levels. Even though the third generation have pumped up powers it doesn’t matter because experience and skill still have more weight. Not to mention and I quote ” Maki is an ex-soldier. She knows how to destroy a man.” Yeah… she did exactly that.

It didn’t help they called her an orge. She basically went beast mode on both of them. It is all fun and games until someone get’s their feelings hurt. Although she is the “Witch” of the group!

What it means to be a Hero

The episode also touched on a more serious note. It showed us the hurt it causes the ones left behind. The families and friends. Even though it looks cool killing these things they must never forget that they were once people with lives. Having to bring peace to those close to them is just as important as putting them to rest.

We got a look on a potential villain. He seem to know how to manipulate smoke. Just like Smoker from One Piece. I am telling you this anime gonna be big!! We have all the ingredients of a smash hit anime.


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