Fire Force Episode #1 Review

OMG! Will this be the anime that tingles my spidey senses? For so long I been waiting for a Naruto replacement. Now let me be clear I am aware there is a mange for this series and I haven’t read it. So my opinion is based on just the anime alone.


The ever-smiling Shinra is the new member of Tokyo’s special fire brigade. He reminds me of Naruto. Troubled child hood. Parents are dead and whenever he is nervous his smile looks devilish. Shinra’s ability can set his feet ablaze. Him and the team extinguish “Infernals” in the city. The aim is to find answers to why human combustion runs rampant.

Fire Action!

The animation reminds me of The Avatar. Specifically the fire benders. The action seem to be on par with the top tier anime. You have all the check list so far. Deep character development. Tragic death of mother. Check. Wants to be a hero. Check. Join a team that will help build you. Check. I think we covered most of the boxes of a sure fire hit anime.

My Opinion

Any anime that can keep my attention longer than 15 minutes deserves a watch. I am eager to see the growth of Shinra in his quest to rid the world of “Infernals”. The rest of Fire Force Company 8 is made up of Commander Akitaru Obi, who likes to lift weights but doesn’t have any powers; Iris, the Batallion Nun, also non-powered; Arthur, who is a third-generation Pyrokenetic; Maki, who wears a witch hat and is a second generation pyrokenetic; and Takehisa Hinawa, Obi’s second in command, who is also a second-generation Pyrokenetic.

The characters are all very engaging, although Shinra gets most of the attention this time out. The action sequences are fantastic to watch and the fan service isn’t half bad either.


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