Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Review

I am a huge Final Fantasy Fan. I played almost every Final Fantasy game available. Except for one. Final Fantasy XV. As good as it was I never got a copy. Shame on me. Yet Square Enix did me a solid and made it available for mobile!

Now for all those who are familiar with Super Mario Run then you should know the first chapter is free to download but then you have to pay for the other nine chapters. To be honest I prefer that way. Cause this game only works on high end phones. I am running it on the Google Pixel on the maximum graphics settings. Gorgeous. Also sometimes you would pay for a game and it doesn’t work on your device. I am looking at you Final Fantasy 7.

This game is fun! It is the same story but less polygons! It is amazing that this game did everything right for a mobile counterpart. Lets begin with how you get around in the game. You click where you want to go and Noctis will find his way there. Perfect instead of a virtual joystick. To attack you just tap the monster and it will begin the onslaught. Leaving you to concentrate and guard breaks, special dashes, special moves of your cohorts and use of items like potions.

All of this works really well. It takes the basis of the Final Fantasy XV system and make it work on the touch screen. When your not fighting there is an incredible amount of things to do. This is a true Final Fantasy experience. Now the cons would be the cost of the game. If you are not familiar with the franchise this would be a hard sell for most. Luckily you can check it out with the first chapter and if you are like me yo would fall in love with the charm and stick around for the whole ride!

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: Google Playstore

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: App Store


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