Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Worth it?

There was a time in my life I was into MMORPG. The time in my life where I could shell out $15 to $25 a month easy. To be honest most of my time was spent grinding on my PS3 playing Final Fantasy XI. Those were the days. I even dabbled in World of Warcraft. Sadly I had to Adult and spend money wisely. So fast forward now and we have tons of MMO’s that is free to play. Which I truly do hate. Not a fan of the IAP’s (in app purchases) but that seem to be the thing now. So how in the world is Final Fantasy XIV still thriving amidst other Free to Play models. Final Fantasy XIV trailers be epic click bait!


You watch that and tell me if you are not intrigued to play as the new DPS type class Samurai. In the expansion, coming in early summer, samurai will start at level 50 and need no starting class requirement. I mean whatever it is that I need to do to play as this let me know… but then the hard reality hit. This is another bill per month I have to pay. I ain’t bout that life right now. Some would say it ain’t that much….they probably live with their mom or…really love the game. Final Fantasy XIV been around the block for a while now. Some would even go on to say that this is one of the best MMORPG out right now. If I didn’t have to adult I probably would be playing it all now. To add more sauce to the expansion Blitzball will be making a come back. I loved playing that mini game back in Final Fantasy X.


All this is tempting but is it worth it? No. The thing about MMORPG’s is the grind. In this microwave generation we have players who are not willing to be patient with other “noobs” or players who are not that proficient in Final Fantasy online. I remember there were days sitting in one spot looking for a party to play with to beat a boss. Also with other games that is free to play that makes it easier not to commit to that one game. Unless you have a squad of 5 or more who is willing to sink countless hours grinding with you I wouldn’t jump on this hype train.

Here is the other content that will be coming out for this expansion..

New Player Hub

The port town of Kugane is the new player hub for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

New Beast Tribe

The Kojin is a new Beast Tribe in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. The Kojin is commonly found on and near the Ruby Sea, and consist of skilled traders who welcome dealings with other races.

New Primal

Lord of the Revel – Susano is a new Primal in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

New Dungeons

New dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood include Yanxia and The Azim Steppe.

New Residential Area

Shirogane is the new residential area in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It features eastern-style housing and neighborhoods.

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