Fairy Tail Season 3 Episode 1 Review



Solid first episode. All the charm is back.

Fairy Tail fans rejoice! The final season of this beloved anime is here. Those who read the manga will also enjoy this adaptation. For the reason that they followed the manga very closely. Not saying that there won’t be little nuggets of extra content to be had. For example that scene in the beginning wasn’t something in the manga.

This episode can be summed up in one word. FUN. We picked up right where Natsu, Lucy and Happy were looking for the rest of their guild members. One year has passed and we see nothing has changed as far as their humor is concerned. Which I am excited for because that is the main reasons why I love Fairy Tail. It reminded me of the bond you saw in One Piece, with a sprinkle of Naruto and Bleach over the top fight scenes.

Their travels lead them to the Lamia Scale guild. Wendy is their first stop. I won’t give too much details away from the story but after one year has passed many of the guild members moved on with their lives making things a bit awkward for Natsu, Happy and Lucy.


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