Fairy Tail Final Season #284 Review

This episode is the mother of all bombshells! Let me warn you from now this review contains MAJOR SPOILERS. You have been warned…

The episode starts off with Zeref having a dream. You know Zeref. The dude cults spawned from. Demons worship him. Wars was done in his name. This dude been just roaming around just being a blight to everyone. In anime fashion he begins to talk to himself explaining to us what the dream was all about.

So this is like an origin episode. One that literally blew my mind! This changes everything we knew about Fairy Tail! We come to the understanding that Zeref had a younger brother once but he died. Zeref being the young prodigy started to research about life and death. You know nothing harmless. As usual seeking any kind of knowledge will anger some god somewhere. I guess bringing the dead back to life is not good….lol

So we see how Zeref got cursed. Also we see that the curse basically kills anything he loves. That is why everything around him dies. Doesn’t age and can’t die. Those pesky gods buddy. Talk about being petty.

Zeref lived for so long that he devised a way to die. So he created demons that could kill him. I guess suicide is out of the question. That didn’t work and this is where things got interesting. He resurrected his little brother. Get this…his name is:

E.N.D. Etherious Natsu Dragneel.

MIND BLOWN! Wait and it gets better! Zeref Dragneel. That is his full name. He is the older brother of Natsu! He also got dirt on Mavis and Igneel. I am telling you Fairy Tail ain’t leaving no rock un-turned. 

Just when you think the sauce was done. Nope he took a stroll down the road and into a cave. Look who is in there. Flipping Acnologia. Talk about the match up of the year! This is like the PPV event we been waiting for. A Three way brawl between Natsu, Zeref and Acnologia. EPIC!

Episode came to a tearful end with the whole Fairy Tail gang coming back to eastern Fiore the city of Magnolia. Since they were disbanded for no reason.  Most likely we will find out but everyone got back together and I won’t lie, I felt the nakama spirit bubbling up inside of me. Wanted to call all my Carib Gamer buddies for no reason.


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