EA Play E3 2019 Details

This was depressing. EA isn’t even trying. I guess Anthem’s epic fail got them in their feelings. All I know is that their cash cow Madden and Fifa milk starting to taste a bit spoil.

Many fans been waiting for this game since the idea was spoken. The game looks like it may be fun. Hopefully they don’t have micro-transactions or loot boxes. What am i saying…This is EA. We can only hope for the best.

Respawn’s battle royale Apex Legends showed off the new character Watson with a cute animated short. We also saw a new weapon from Titanfall 2, and the studio announced a new ranked mode.

Battlefield V showed off new maps: Marita, set in the Battle of Greece; and Al Sundan, which is in North Africa. Al Sundan is a classic Battlefield map that mixes up combat on foot, in vehicles, and in the air. It also showed off more infantry-focused maps coming in the future: Provence and Lofoten. At the end, DICE teased Iwo Jima with a bunch of concept art and video of developers scoping out island terrain. Yet I haven’t touched a Battlefield game in a hot minute. I am sorry the urge to play this game left my soul a long time ago.

Star Wars: Battlefront II didn’t get a lot of stage time — just a short chat. But EA revealed that it’s second Capital Supremacy map, Naboo, is coming June 26, along with the Droideka and the TX-30 tank. This mess of a game is still around. Sorry but I can’t understand how they could mess up such a great franchise like that.

FIFA 20 is coming September 27 with a new “football intelligence system” that focuses on better 1-on-1 play. It also will have a new mode: Volta, which focuses on street-style soccer.

Madden 20 went in-depth on the new Superstar X-Factor abilities that make players like Kansas City Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes shine. It also examined how RPOs (run-pass-options) will work and other new features, like pump-fakes.

Out of spite I posted this segment about Anthem. This is why I feel so much hate for EA. I think Anthem needs to just die a quick death. It is embarrassing at this point right now.

So after wasting 3 hours of my life watching this snooze fest I can comfortably say that EA Play was horrible. I hated it. I give them an E+. The plus for Jedi Fallen Order. It was the only thing worth watching.


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