Dragon Ball Super Broly 2nd Trailer

The second trailer for the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie is here and there is a lot to take in. Let’s start with what is happening in this trailer.

At the beginning we see Frieza invading Planet Vegeta. Another thing that seem to take dominance in this trailer is the heavy influence of Dragon Ball Minus. So many fans will have to accept this as canon now. We also see the Ginyu force. That pose is still LIT!


In the trailer we see King Vegeta and also the Dragon Ball Minus version of Braddock. Now many will prefer the Braddock Special version over the Minus version but Toriyama said that this is canon now. Also we see Vegeta as a baby alongside Goku. Very interesting development there. Then in the same breath we see kid Broly being sent away.

I always thought Frieza was a woman so seeing him pink just makes sense to me now. Yeah hate on me but he is pink now. Deal with it.

This image of Goku’s mom is historical. Never have we seen Gine to be animated before. Then we see something that flips the script to everything I personally knew about Dragon Ball. Goku was older when he landed on earth. He wasn’t a baby. MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN.

This scene with the parents of Goku kind of remind me of something. Hmm but that was a touching moment nonetheless.

The trailer ends with Broly, Goku and Vegetta. Destiny tore them apart and now destiny has brought them back together. This movie will be about tragedy and hope. This trailer left me with more questions than answers. Cause “it’s your boy Blake” gonna have to school me on what the hell is going on! Cause many of the Dragon Ball storyline that I grew up watching will be retcon. For example the relationship with Oldman Gohan and Goku is gone. The age difference between Goku and Vegetta has changed. If you are like me just go with an open mind and try to enjoy this new canon that will probably split the fanbase in half.


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