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Dragalia Lost is a hobby type game that is enjoyable in quick bursts. Nintendo is starting to get a hang of this mobile game thing.

The new game from the house that brought us Super Mario Run, Nintendo teamed up with Cygames to bring us something different. At first glance the game looks promising. Considering Nintendo is clearly pushing the free-to-play micro transaction model thanks to last year’s highly successful Fire Emblem Heroes (bouncing back from the relative failure of Super Mario Run according to the company itself).


This is your basic mobile action RPG game. The controls are quite simple. using your thumb you control an arrow which makes him run where he has to go. While tapping the screen attacks or interact with the environment. Personally I found my thumb scrolling past my phone screen sometimes. The menus don’t feel over saturated with things to do. As you start the game they basically ease you into what needs to be done. From upgrading your Dragon, weapons and other characters you will obtain through summons. I must say the game is well polished.

So what is Dragalia all about. Well you take on the role of a prince who seeks out a pact with a dragon in order to assume the throne and protect the kingdom of Alberia. You see, Euden comes from a lineage of people who carry the power to shapeshift, so he sets off on a pilgrimage known as the Dragon Choosing. He’s helped along by his sister who serves as an auspex and a magical faerie. Through the course of their adventure, they will face different perils that will put both his troupe and his home in a constant state of jeopardy as something sinister is always lurking outside… or within.

While Nintendo is clearly throwing everything at you to see what sticks in terms of mobile games, Dragalia Lost represents a strong indicator that they’re finally figuring out what will get players coming back, and a lot of it is thanks to Cygames. Dragalia Lost felt like the complete package, offering up a fun experience with a stylish presentation. Now my main drawback was the size of the game. Be prepared to download about 2gb. So if you have a very slow internet speed be expected to have your phone just sitting there. Make sure have your charger before you download this game.


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