Dr. Stone Episode #1 Review

It is summer time and you know what that means. Spanking hot new Anime! Dr. Stone is a well-known manga that has a great premise. All the humans and seemingly sparrows have turned to stone. Sadly, enough one of the main characters all-around straight-laced student Taiju Oki decides that this is the exact moment that he’s going to tell Yuzuriha, the girl he’s been pining over for 5 years, exactly how he feels.

At that moment a green light appeared and turned everyone to stone. The people also appear to be aware of what’s happening, which seems horrific if you think about it too long. There is a long montage of Taiju trying to keep himself sane as the years pass him by. Eventually, nature takes hold of the earth again, and there is barely any sign of human civilization left.

Which brings us to the meat of the anime. He meet his extremely smart friend Senku Ishigami. He is a scientist. A prodigy. Both now freed begin to rebuild civilization. Along the way he figure out how to release a sparrow from stone.

The world-building of Dr. Stone is a lot of fun, with Senku rattling off a lot of scientific fact to Taiju, who doesn’t understand much of what’s being said. I’m not sure how accurate the science behind Dr. Stone is, but it’s entertaining in a McGyver sort of way, and the two male leads are great. This is a great series to pick up for the Summer of Anime!!!


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