Doctor Who 10 x 3: Thin Ice Review

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This episode was just a fun ride. For those who always loved the classic Doctor Who episodes done by Russell T. Davis will love the direction this is going.

What an episode. This reminds me of the classic Doctor Who episodes I grew to love. From the beginning of this episode I knew this was gonna be good. How you ask? The theme reminds me of Season 5 episode 2 “The Beast Below”.

I can’t stop talking about the chemistry between the Doctor and Bill. The last episode took place in the future with emoji speaking robots. Now back to London. But this time London Frost Fair in 1814. It’s funny how Bill asked the Doctor about slavery. I would of asked the same thing. Their chemistry is just simply orgasmic to watch. This is the relationship I missed about the Doctor and his companion.

Doctor: I told you, you don’t steer the TARDIS. You reason with it.

Bill: How?

Doctor: Unsuccessfully, most of the time. She’s a bad girl, this one. Always looking for trouble.

So let’s talk about this episode. A giant alien sea monster is somehow chained under the Thames. A loathsome aristocratic businessman is luring frost fair guests out on to the thin ice, in the hopes they’ll be eaten by the creature. And once digested, they become some sort of super coal. In order to save the day, the Doctor and Bill must befriend a local gang of street urchins, don some seriously Jules Verne-looking diving apparatus, and escape a tent full of homemade bombs. No pressure. All in a days work.

What I want to note was the incident when the young boy was taken under the sea. Bill was mortified. She couldn’t believe what she just witnessed. The Doctor wasn’t phased. He was more concerned about his Sonic Screwdriver. This caused Bill to see the Doctor in a whole new light. She didn’t understand why the Doctor didn’t show any strong emotions of the young mans death.

Doctor: You know what happens if I don’t move on? More people die. There are kids living rough near here. They may well be next on the menu. Do you want to help me? Or do you want to stand here stamping your foot? Because let me tell you something – I’m 2,000 years old and I’ve never had the time for the luxury of outrage.

Through the years the Doctor had to grow a think skin to be able to move forward. Being over 2000 years old he have seen his share of death. Bill ultimately learns the truth of the Doctor’s words when he leaves the final decision of the episode up to her. Free the beast that’s lived its life in chains and risk it eating half of London, or leave it where it is, in the name of keeping people safe? These are the choices the Doctor makes all the time.. And some times he gets it right and some times he doesn’t. But every time, over and over again, he still tries to do the right thing. And, as it turns out, so does Bill, who votes to free “Tiny.”

This episode was just a fun ride. For those who always loved the classic Doctor Who episodes done by Russell T. Davis will love the direction this is going. Bill and the Doctor adventures feel exciting. Every episode builds on their relationship. The twelfth Doctor is starting to rub off on me.  The next episode we see it will be a scary one. I can’t wait!!


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