Destiny 2 Road Ahead Forsaken

Hello fellow guardians it is that time again. If you think the grind was over guess again. We have another hill to climb. Bungie laid out how they will be launching their content differently. There will be new pinnacle weapons to grind for and also new content to explore. Here is the calendar: 

Throughout each of our three seasons and the Forsaken Annual Pass that rolls out alongside them, we intend to keep your Director filled with things to do each week. Some of those experiences will come and go (like the Dawning and Crimson Days), but others (like the Black Armory forges and raids) remain active after their initial introduction, building on the foundation of activities you can experience each week.
In the coming weeks, Annual Pass holders are in for a series of firsts. Beginning December 4, you’ll be invited to visit the Black Armory. You’ll be sent on a series of quests to rediscover, reactivate, and reclaim four lost forges—and the weapons they offer as reward. A new raid will open on December 7, and the bravest fireteams among us will make their initial runs in hopes of powerful rewards and community glory.
For all players, the Dawning will light up on December 11, and of course we’ll continue to host a conversation right here on, providing specific dates and times for all of our major beats throughout the year.
If you’re looking to save the dates for our initial wave, below you’ll find a calendar charting the course for the first few weeks and casting an eye toward February.
So as you can see plenty of content to sink your teeth in. Here are the pinnacle weapons that you can get. This one is from doing strikes:
This pinnacle weapon is from the Gambit:
This pinnacle weapon is from the Crucible:
Are you stoked for this content? Do you own the season pass? If you answered yes to both these questions best be ready to download a 10gb update file. Not sure why Bungie like to torture us like that. Get all of this info from Bungie‘s website. The saddest thing about the season’s reset is that I still don’t have much of the forsaken exotics. The RNG’jesus haven’t blessed me with much. The struggle is real.


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