Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere Review


Destiny 2 will have a greater focus on the story with more cinematic cut-scenes and story missions than ever before. Players will battle Dominus Ghaul aka Gary, the leader of the Red Legion of the Cabal alien race, who believes that his people should be Guardians, not humanity and wants to take the Traveler’s power and Light for himself. Zavala, Cayde and Ikora all seem to be doing their own thing. Each dealing with the loss of the light and their home.

The three Vanguards will each head to one of the other three destinations in Destiny 2. First up is Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. True to life, the moon’s surface features seas of liquid methane — in fact, Titan is home to “an old human utopia” that is “sinking into the ocean.” There aren’t any landmasses on Titan; Guardians will navigate platforms surrounded by the sea. Commander Zavala, the Titan Vanguard, travels to the moon to recuperate after the Cabal attack on Earth.

Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard, gets stuck in a portal on Nessus, a planetoid that orbits the sun somewhere in the region of Uranus and Neptune. The Vex have taken over this rocky little outpost, which features canyons full of unique native vegetation, and have essentially turned it into one of their machine worlds.

Finally, there’s Io, the innermost moon of Jupiter. It’s the last place in the solar system that the Traveler touched before the collapse, and that makes it a very mysterious place. Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard, returns to this moon to look for answers.


Weapons are now broken down into three types: kinetic, energy, and power weapons instead of the primary, secondary, and heavy classifications as before. This in my opinion is a good thing. Which could result in some cool combinations. Now the question remains about storage. Nothing was said about how we will store all of our loot.


The Dawnblade, a Solar Warlock subclass with a super that lets you fly around with a flaming flinging sword.

The Sentinel, a Void Titan subclass who can summon a shield to smash into enemies and throw like Captain America-style.

The Arcstrider, a Arc Hunter subclasses who wields a powerful staff of lightning.

The Warlock super seem to be OP in my opinion. Then the Titan seem to be moderate. The Hunter seem to have gotten the crappy end of the stick. His super is just Blade Dancing 2.0.


Players will be able to launch all activities without going to orbit first in Destiny 2. Now missions, patrols, public events, and more will all be available without having to load back to Orbit and fly into the level. Additionally, there are new “Adventures,” which Bungie describes as missions that characters will send you on with different mechanics and discoveries. Players will also be able to find Lost Sectors, hidden dungeons with a boss and bonus loot. And Bungie says that everything will be easier to find with a new map that will show where and when events will happen. I am excited to hear this but I thought Bungie could of taken this a different way. Instead of teleportation we could of used mounts or vehicles to get there. I guess that would be asking too much. Bungie did say they want to limit the amount of time keeping you from the action.

Clan support is now in Destiny 2 (FINALLY). There will be progression and rewards across the entirety of the clan for members. Also clan banners and custom clan names will be available. A New feature called “Guided Games” for solo players to join clans to come together for Raids, Trials, and Nightfall strikes. On the flip side of things, players in clans will be able to open their parties to solo players if they need an extra hand.


All matches will be 4 vs 4. This isn’t the best idea. I love the idea of a flowing combat with plenty of bodies to shoot at. Giving the limited number of players in a match things may be slow paced. This can be an issue for players who isn’t that skilled. I guess the same rules that was once applied in Destiny 1 will not be carrying over.







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