Destiny 2 Forsaken Checklist

Hello fellow Guardians. The time is near and the hype train for Forsaken is in full steam. The update coming Tuesday August 28th 2018 is a crucial one. The new weapons change is coming. So I put together a list of things we need to have ready before the update goes live this Tuesday coming.

  1. Year 2 Weapon Slots will be live for all players
  2. During this transition, weapons that overflow players inventories will be sent to the postmaster. SO PLEASE EMPTY YOUR POSTMASTER SLOTS.
  3. Mods will be gone. That is right. Those useless mods will be replaced with a more meaningful design.
  4. The following Year 1 Power weapons will become Kinetic in Year 2:

-Alone as a God


-The Frigid Jackal

-Hawthornes’s Field-Forged Shotgun

-Perfect Paradox

-Sheperd’s Watch

-Silicon Neuroma

Update 2.0 will also lock in the elements currently equipped to players Energy and Power weapons that are not changing to Kinetic. Players should make sure they have their preferred element equipped to their gun of choice before the Tuesday update 2.0

Once Update 2.0 goes live, players exotic weapon, exotic armor and emblem collection found via the vault will be unavailable until Forsaken is released on September 4th. The overhauled Collection system, which will let players pull out any Legendary Loot that you have ever had. Saying made me shiver with glee. If you want more details regarding this new and epic update check here.


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