Daredevil Season 3 Review



Must watch! Endure the struggle in the first 5 episodes. Trust me! Totally worth it!

After the events of the Defenders we have a bruised and battered Matt Murdock, setting up the tone for Daredevil Season 3. From the beginning to end I was glued to my seat. This time around Daredevil didn’t have to worry about any crossover from the other show runners. Luke Cage sorted out Harlem. Danny Rand is gone. Yeah they canned that show along with Luke Cage. Jessica Jones isn’t a priority. It is all about Hell’s Kitchen.


The focus was mainly on Karen and Matt. Foggy had a moment to shine. Also you know they had to develop on the new villain, agent Pointdexter. His character brought to life one of the most iconic comic book villains in the Daredevil universe, Bullseye. His portrayal was spot on.

Fisk, like most tyrants, comes to power by playing on people’s fears. The difference is he plays on the fears of a specifically selected group of people. Rather than whip up the masses in fear of an other, he finds out who can be of used to them, finds out what they’re afraid of and makes all their worst nightmares come true. When they’re desperate, he offers them a way out for a price. It’s a familiar crime boss story taken to comic book extremes by just how far his reach extends. By the halfway point of the season, he basically owns the entire New York branch of the FBI. That’s also how he gets his supervillain name “Kingpin.” It’s the codename the corrupt agents use to refer to him.

The action sequences were epic. The Iron Hand could learn from Matt Murdock. Every fight scene had me captivated. Even the grand finale with Fisk and Daredevil had me sliding to the edge of my seat. Every episode is important. Even when they slow it down from all the action we get to see deeper character development. Don’t sleep on this series. This is the best Netflix Marvel has to offer. Great pacing and a great story line.


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