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It’s the last day in February and I enjoyed #28daysofblackcosplay. With this hashtag I was able to see the amazing work done by many cosplayers from around the world. I’m going to be honest, for black cosplayers, I only knew Kay Bear. Not because she was popular, but she was the only one I was seeing. Thanks to the hashtags, I’ve started to follow and admire the work of many others. I didn’t get a follow back but that’s okay. Maybe my work will shine over time. I’m just getting started.

As I’ve browsed through social media, the views and comments of many who are expressing themselves are quite harsh.  I’ve always wanted to cosplay but was afraid of the negative backlash or what others might think of me. I’m human after all and we all have that thought of being rejected. Over time, and a key factor of loving yourself, those barriers started to break down. My first ‘cosplay’ was during Halloween on the boat ride Kon Tikki in St. Thomas. I portrayed Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Everyone who came across me was scared like hell, but they liked it because it was different from what they were used to seeing (fairies, witches, cheerleaders, insects etc). Their positivity gave me further boost of confidence to explore into the deep love of cosplaying as a hobby. Being part of Caribgamers was no different, they saw my passion and together we’ve created Cosplay in the Virgin Islands. (If you guys have better name, leave the suggestions in the comments below, who knows your suggestion might be its new name). Anyways straying a bit.

In my opinion, cosplay should be free and opened to anyone who wishes to portray the love for any particular character. To everyone who is out there reading this, never let anyone stop you from doing what you love because they say you don’t have the “right look”, your body type or the color of your skin. Just have fun with it. I love portraying guy characters and turning them into females as you’ve been seeing lately. Simple because its what I LOVE! No offense to any female characters. Anyways, I think black cosplayers should be recognized 365 days of the week, not just for 28 days but that’s for another blog.

In this issue, I’ve decided to change it up a bit and portray Ms. Missandei of Narth from Game of Thrones. Normally, around this time HBO would be flooding social media with various teasers about their up and coming season but alas we would have to wait till 2019 for the season finale and at that time, our telecommunications in the BVI would (should) be a whole lot better than what it is currently today. We are still trying to recover from the 2017 Hurricane Season. But anyways, due to my love for Game of Thrones, I present to you Ms. Missandei. Hope you guys are digging this cosplay.

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