Cosplay in the Virgin Islands Rick and Morty Edition

Hey World, it’s your girl BVI Mermaid.

Coming up with someone to portray is not always as easy as it looks. You have to think of the materials that your going to get, make sure that the pieces are put together so that it is identical to the character that you are doing and the biggest and most important part is replicating the characters personality.

This week’s cosplay look is Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. This look was easy to portray. As a scientist myself, I’ve already have a lab coat in my possession. His look is pretty simple, all you need is a light blue top, brown pants and a pair of black shoes and BOOM! You can be Rick Sanchez. Oh, don’t forget the wig! The fun and yet challenging part of this cosplay was the portal gun. I could have gone on ebay or amazon and purchase one but that would take the fun out of it. I’ve created my own! It isn’t as awesome as the 3D printing but one day and with $$$ I’ll be able to do it too.

Portal Gun:

For this, I’ve used cardboard and created the desired shape. The handle I used was an old scrubbing brush which I’ve glued the handle to the base on the cardboard. I’ve also created a small hole at the top where I’ve purchased a lolly-pop candy just because it has the shape that I wanted for the laser type of the gun. I’ve glued it to the box and then I’ve added white foam around the perimeter of the box. In the front, I’ve added black foam and added green circle foam. At the top, I’ve also added red foam and added E- 137 at the top to mimic the portal gun further.

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