Cosplay in the VI: Sexy Boosette

Hey everyone

In the Cosplay world, the month of February is known as 28days of Black Cosplay where the world sees the diversity of people who enjoys anime and dressing up as their favorite fictional characters. Can you imagine that there are still people out there who criticize people for not looking like the character they are portraying because of the color of their skin, their gender preferences, and their body size? This is ridiculous! This is 2019 and it’s time we all accept and support one another.
Here’s my tribute to the month, my Boosette. I know Bowsette had all the rave in October but I still wanted to do something and if you’ve been following me you will know that I am a big Nintendo fangirl!

Hope you like it!

Isn’t it awesome? I always must have props to my photographer and editor Blake for this amazing work! These pictures are not edited by themselves. He brings them to live don’t you think? Let him know how much you appreciate his work!

Thank you to all that have been following me although I don’t post cosplays on a regular and if your new to my social media outlets welcome to my world.

Till next time


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