Clash Royale Barbarian Barrel | Carib Gamer Update

It’s your boy Blake once again! Throwing shade on Joye Styk. Clash Royale fans rejoice. A new card is available! The Barbarian Barrell. This Barbarian will roll through like a tsunami and bust up the place. Seeing how it is one Barbarian it should be able to take down a single foe. It is available now!!

Also, remember that this is a free to play game with the option to buy. So if you are like me playing the game will eventually get you the card.

There is also a Barbarian Barrel Draft Challenge for those who are skilled enough to win! I really need to step my game up. If you are in need of a clan to join just do a search for “CaribGamers” and I am sure Blake, Joye Styk and all the other clash players in the group would be happy to help you on your journey. Hey, maybe you may take Blake off the number one spot!


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