Castlevania Season 2 Review (Spoiler Free)

Binge Worthy


Slow start but satisfyingly enjoyable

I love when a series picks up right where it left off. Season 2 is set in the immediate aftermath of the first season—which concluded with Trevor and Sypha discovering the reclusive Alucard, the half-vampire son of Dracula, underneath the besieged town of Gresit, and agreeing to help him stop his father’s vengeful quest against humanity. Alucard, Trevor and Sypha realized that their destiny has intertwined.


This time around we got some character development in the first half of the season. We get to spend time with Dracula and the group of generals that lead his demon-filled armies. These generals, a mix of new characters and some other villains familiar to fans rooted in the intricate lore of the game, mainly Carmilla. They form the backbone of the season’s primary drama, as all the prerequisite backstabbing and political intrigue needed of any fantastical Game of Thrones-ish court of characters comes to mind with each general vying for dominance and Dracula’s approval.


This slow approach may turn you off immediately. Especially after season one high octane four episodes. Don’t worry the final two episodes gave us fans enough action to last us till season three. There’s more than a few fun callbacks to the classic games—like Trevor’s ultimate upgrade to the Vampire Killer whip.


This slow pace may have hurt the series a bit but it is needed to set up for the great battles to come. Giving us characters we care about and want to follow is more important than blood being spilt on a grand scale.


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