Carib Gamer Update


It seem that the PS4 4.50 update is finally catching up to the Xbox One for features. Now if only they can update the PS Vita…. Oh my bad… they abandoned that system….

The first big change you’ll notice (if you were one of the lucky few chosen to test the beta) is that you’ll have an option to load games, apps, and add-ons directly onto an external HDD. By connecting the HDD to the PS4, you’ll be able to access everything that’s PS4 supported. Games saved on the PS4 can be exported on to the HDD as well.

Sony is also adding a social status update on your PlayStation Network activity feed. Just like updating your Facebook status or posting to Twitter, you can now post updates directly to your PSN activity feed. You’ll be able to add simple text updates, tag friends, add screenshots and include specific games, then send your updates to appear in the What’s New section for all your PSN friends to see.” – PlayStation

Another social action that comes with the update is being able to send your in-game screenshots to Live from the PlayStation section as a Public Activity. Players around the world will be able to see your moments as they are happening. Also with the news of the Playstation VR to play movies in the headset is also part of the update. The update is looking nice if you ask me. Keep it locked as we keep you informed!


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