Carib Gamer Update: WWE 2K18 Coming to Nintendo Switch

This is BIG news for Nintendo fans worldwide. WWE 2K18 is coming to the Nintendo Switch. It seem that Nintendo finally got the eyes of top developers to bring their titles to their new console.

Nintendo fans have made it clear, they want WWE 2K games on their console of choice. And we’re happy to announce that we’re coming back!

WWE 2K18 will release on Nintendo Switch™ this fall. This marks the first time in five years that a WWE game has been on a Nintendo platform. The Nintendo Switch version features docked play on television and offers the first portable edition of a WWE game in six years.

With the huge success of the Nintendo Switch this marks as a milestone for other AAA titles to make the “switch” to Nintendo. Playing on the go and at home will change the way we play WWE 2K18!


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