Carib Gamer Update – Overwatch Uprising Event

Overwatch is the game that just keeps getting better! Between Battlefield 1 and Overwatch are the games I been playing most. Even when I was playing Paladins I still had to get some Overwatch in the mix to get the Paladins taste out my mouth. Now mind you I don’t hate Paladins. Just feel that Overwatch is more polished and delivers a more balanced gameplay experience. Sadly last night when Blake and I wanted to play Overwatch we had a problem.

Come on Playstation!!! Never had this problem on Xbox… Either way you can expect to see¬†Ruscle and Blake¬†running this event. We may even do a live stream! Keep it locked to Carib Gamer!


CEO of Carib Gamer. Avid Gamer and Journalist. Father and Husband. Strong family ties and loves FPS and RPG games. Proud member of the HTKU clan.

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