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Hello Virgin Islands
On November 30th -December 1st Caribgamers participated in the annual Christmas event, Christmas on DeCastro Street and as usual, Caribgamers didn’t disappoint as they brought back the fan favorites from Mario Kart Deluxe 8, Mortal Kombat, NBA 2K, Dragonball and many more.
This year, Luigi and Cappy come out and I was so happy to receive the positive feedback and the numerous questions regarding how Cappy was made, so this blog is for you guys.
Making of Cappy
There are many ways to get Cappy. You can either buy it or make it. Since it’s considered cheap to buy things, shipping them to the VI is not. Ezone and Aeropost are too expensive for me to get the foam that I would like to get so I make my props another way.
Here’s a list of items you will need.
-Foam ( black, white and whatever color you would want his eye color to be. I chose green because I was cosplaying Luigi).
  • glue gun
  • gorilla glue
  • an Exacto knife
  • Safety pins
  • Black paint spray (not recommended if you’re already using black foam)
Firstly, it’s highly recommended to use EVA foam due to its thickness however, I don’t have access to EVA foam so, I’ve decided to glue multiple craft foam sheets together to get my decided thickness. For this project, I used four sheets. The sheets were glued using gorilla glue.


A little bit of gorilla glue goes a long way. It starts to spread quickly and bubbles will appear. Spread a thin layer of glue on the foam to avoid an uneven spread.

Use a heavy book to press down the sheets and leave it to dry overnight for best results.
Once the glue was dried I started to draw an outline of Cappy eyes onto the sheet. At this point, I used the internet as a reference on how the eyes should look and be positioned. Once completed, I’ve cut the desired pieces. Started on the outside and worked my way in.
I cut a hole for the eyeballs and using that same piece of foam that was cut, I covered and glued it with white foam
Using a single sheet of foam, I draw and cut out the inner parts of the eyes and started to assemble them together like a puzzle gluing all pieces into place.
Before attaching the eyes as referenced above, I’ve sprayed the putter black foam with paint spray to give it a shiny appearance. It’s not mandatory but I liked how it turned out.
And just like that Cappy was made. I’ve added another layer of foam on the back so there’s a flat surface to secure safety pins onto my hat.

                                  Final results

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know if you decided to make your own Cappy and don’t forget to tag me once you do. You don’t have to buy a Luigi or Mario hat to do this but you can use any existing hat that you already have at home and make your own version. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re creating your own works of art.
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Until next time
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