Call of Duty Multiplayer Trailer and Gameplay Premier

The Call of Duty hype train is in full swing and I am gonna take a back seat on this one. With all the pro Call of Duty streamers and players at the reveal that they are banking on the community to make this version of Call of Duty a good one. With all the mistakes they made with previous installments they had to go back to basics. LITERALLY.


The detail of realism peaked my interest a bit. I can tell they want to give us what we loved about the Modern Warfare game back in the day. The kill-streaks are back. The boots to ground gun play is back. No more exaggerated maps. Close quarters action in full effect. They even added night vision type maps. I am not sure all of this can persuade me though. Activision track record for me right now isn’t the best. Previous Call of Duty games didn’t do me any justice. My wallet hated me for wasting money on the last Black Ops game.

This is it folks. The last pail from the cash cow. They are throwing in all sorts of stuff for you to pre-order this game. Most of it is going to Call of Duty Black Ops as tokens.

Nah I think I will pass on that pre-order bruh
They even throwing in some night vision goggles for those die hards

If you ask me don’t fall for the trap. YES IT IS A TRAP! Activision is pulling straws right now. Infinity Ward finally stopped spraying new paint on an old engine. A 14 YEAR OLD ENGINE to be exact. This new game engine suppose to be better. Now we all know how new engines can be. I am looking at you Battlefield Frostbite Engine.


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