Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trailer

That is right folks. Call of Duty is back. This time they are doing a soft reboot. Yes “Soft” reboot which means they done screwed up so time to start over again.

Returning to the Modern Warfare franchise that catapulted the Call of Duty series into a new echelon of success looks like a promising move. Between Black Ops 4 and WW2, we’ve gotten our fill of the future and past battlefields for now, so it’ll be interesting to return to present day. You can expect plenty of desert warfare, urban combat, and devastating airstrikes like the ones briefly shown in the trailer. 

Captain Pierce is back! I literally cried when him and Ghost was killed. October 25 2019 is the release date and we can expect some more info at E3. Maybe we may get word about multiplayer cross platform action. Will this be released on the Nintendo Switch? Just keep it locked to Carib Gamer and we will try to answer those questions and more!


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