Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Impressions

It has been a while since I got back into a Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare 2 was my favorite. Everything about it kept me coming everyday. So when they had an open beta on the PS4 you know the Crack Skull Crew aka CSC had to jump in.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta was available across two weekends, debuting first on PS4 then to PS4, Xbox One and PC a week later.

Second Modern Warfare beta weekend start times (all platforms):

  • Thursday September 19th to Friday 20th: Early Access on Xbox One and PC, Open Beta on PS4
  • Saturday September 21st to Monday 23rd: Open Beta on all platforms

My Impressions

IT WAS PURE AWESOMENESS. Nostalgia to the fullest. The guns felt great. The maps didn’t feel to over the top. Even the trash talking is back! I mean everything about the game felt just right. It was so epic it even got the INTERNATIONAL BADMAN OUT OF RETIREMENT!!

It’s Your Boy Blake!!!!!

Literally everything we all loved about playing Modern Warfare is back. The toxic players, the campers, the kill-streaks that make your blood pump as you escape death and get kill after kill. Just know this is only the beta. We haven’t even tasted most of the maps and game modes as yet. The game modes that was available for the beta was Team Deathmatch, Domination, Headquarters, Cyber Attack aka Search and Destroy and Ground War. The most interesting one was Ground War. 64 player domination with vehicles. Let’s just call it Call of Duty version of Battlefield. It was pure chaos. A campers wet dream.

Cross Play

Finally we can settle who is better! PC, PS4 or Xbox! It played smoothly! Sometimes I didn’t even notice when we were playing with PC gamers. While loading up in the game it told us via an icon that we were playing against a PC gamer using a controller. There is even an option that allowed the use of a mouse or keyboard. You can even limit playing against someone with a mouse or keyboard. Talk about endless possibilities. This is a wet dream come true.

They even have Battlefield type stab moves! MY PRIDE!!


That is a giant HELL NO for me. As much as I love the beta I am not sure how Activision gonna screw this up. I mean everything played great and I will definitely buy it just for the multiplayer experience. What I am afraid of is the micro-transactions and the PS4 exclusive deal. Yes folks Playstation gonna have a timed exclusive mode. The Playstation State of Play event we saw a story mode trailer for Modern Warfare. At the end of the trailer a screen popped up with the text “Special Ops Survival Mode, play first on PS4” with much smaller text at the bottom that read, “Timed Exclusive Content Until October 1, 2020.”

Of course fans like me isn’t happy. To be honest I thought cross play with your friends seem too good to be true. I knew there would of have been a blight somewhere. Thank you Activision and Sony. Not sure what this mode is about but only Playstation owners would be enjoying it. That is a dick move if you ask me. Most people won’t buy a console just for a single mode. So don’t sip the tea just yet. I have been burned to many times pre-ordering games and getting a 6 for a 9. The Division 2 caught me, Destiny 2 caught me, Black Ops 4 screwed me and lets not talk about Anthem……

This beta was done right. Nothing popped up as a red flag. Many of the glitches I experienced didn’t seem game breaking. I tip my hat off to the developers for doing the impossible and redeeming my faith in the Modern Warfare brand once again.


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