Call of Duty Advance Warrior MP Reveal

Ah yes Call of Duty Advance Warfare. Finally got a vlog done. My boy Blake been beating me over with a stick to do one. You know always on top of things. Dude don’t sleep! So anyway I gave my thoughts on the reveal of the Call of Duty Multiplayer Reveal.

Just a brief summary.

They stole the idea from Titanfall. Graphics are better but still no destructible environments. Just a few “staged events” that changes the map. Customization gone to another level. Thanks to Black Ops. Oh yeah they stole that to. Should call this Call of Duty Advance Thief.

But really the game looks good. Now how the servers hold up when we log in will be another story. Will the infamous Lag Compensation rear it’s ugly head? Will the Hit Box we saw in MW2 and MW3 come back? For those who don’t know what that is well it allowed people with Sniper Rifles to “quick scope” anywhere near your head BUT NOT ON YOUR HEAD to get a kill.

I know I will be getting this game when it drops. I am a FPS whore. Yeah I know I am a bad ting. BF4 left me with a STD. Had me itching for days! Anyway Call of Duty Advance Warfare coming out November 4th 2014. Time to ride the Call of Duty Hype train once again!

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