Boruto – Naruto Next Generations #1 Review

Rejoice Naruto fans Boruto is here! That intro got me hyped! Boruto looking real battle worn. The Hidden Leaf Village is once again in shambles. The fate of Naruto seems grim. Yet we have a new nemesis named Kawaki. That was a smart move. Grabbed our attention by giving us a glimpse on things to come.

The episode also showed Boruto’s eye power. Naruto’s son seems to be able to visualize the dark chakra exuded by others. While seeing his eye change appearance was exciting it felt weird because we haven’t seen it occur in the manga or the feature film. So, I’m unsure how much of that anime fans can consider canon.

Talking about dark chakra I am excited to see the character Denki. He was a surprise character added to the roster. He has daddy issues also. Not to mention he had a dark chakra snake bit him. Of course, my mind immediately thought of Orochimaru but I’m not sure what he would want from Denki. In the end, the new kid did decide to join the Academy. With his interest in computers and machines, it won’t be surprising if he’s able to come up with new ninja techniques.

All in all, “Boruto Uzumaki” was kind of an enjoyable first episode. Even though I have to sit through watching Naruto and Boruto work on their relationship (again!) I’m looking forward to the next episode.


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