Boku no Hero Academia Episode 14 Review

One of the most anticipated anime for 2017 is here! Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 got the ball rolling picking up from the epic battle leaving the Hero School shook up. The League of Villains ringleader went into hiding giving the students and pro heroes time to lick their wounds. We see that All Might sent his teacher a letter explaining the situation at hand. That he took Izuku as his replacement and made mention that he is passing on his quirk “One for All” to him. Now let me say here that it is interesting to see that All Might is reaching out to his teacher. That can only mean that Izuku will need to learn how to control One for All quirk. Which leaves whatever part that uses it damaged. Clearly we see him master it in the intro of the anime.

This episode is building up the hype for the U.A. Sports Festival. That is something like the Olympics for them. The Pro Heroes ain’t faded at the fact the villains probably will try to attack again but they feel confident that they are ready this time around.

Dude really mash up…

This reminds me of the Chunin exams in Naruto. I like that many of the heroes here are all doing this for different reasons. Some doing it for honor. Some doing it for money. While others are doing it because they just love fighting. Izuku really is a fanboy at heart.

Which goes to show that even though you may not have all the qualifications to pursue a dream. Just keep working on it and maybe one day a super hero will show up in front of you and give you his power. Izuku really have a lot to live up to. I don’t think he thought this hero life style through but we can see he isn’t gonna give up. Which brings us to the high point of this episode. Just like Peter Parker was told “With great power comes great responsibility.” Izuku was told the same thing but instead “I AM HERE!”

Talk about pressure! The mantle is being passed on. The time has come to show up or go home. All Might is letting him know that he can no longer hold his form for long. Which means he can’t help him like he once did. Which makes sense now that hisĀ All Might’s teacher comes to help train him for the U.A. Sports Festival. This will be an interesting arc. We get to see more action and maybe even some epic battles! I will be keeping a close eye on this series. Keep it locked and stay frosty!



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