Bloodshot: Official Trailer

Now after watching that trailer I have to say they literally showed us the whole movie in a nutshell. Warrant I am still gonna watch this. To be honest Blake is who turned me to this comic. Wasn’t on my radar. I know crazy right. So like any comic book geek I started to read up on Bloodshot and I am impressed. If done right they have a solid movie to span many sequels with.

The whole idea is pure genius. I know most of the internet trolls are wondering why isn’t his skin pale white and where is the infamous red dot on his chest…like this

Let’s not jump to any conclusions. This is an origin story so he may get that once he is freed from the “Rising Spirit” corporation. We know how movie adaptations are. They might alter a few things here and there.

I am both intrigued and curious to see how they take this. Will we see a Valiant comic book universe in the making? I hope so! The internet probably will rip this trailer apart and find every reason to either hate it or love it. I have hope for it and I think Vin Diesel will do the character justice. I just wished he could of at least had the hair for it.


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