Black Panther Review – The Truth Edition

Carib Nerd here. Been a long time coming but we finally got our review of the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Black Panther. This movie single-handedly broke more records than any other movie. This is also the first movie from Marvel with an all-star black cast that was almost like when Obama became the first black president. So why would I give this movie 2 out 5 stars?

By now after watching my rant you see why I am so upset. For too long fans of any beloved comic have to endure the idea of certain concepts being twisted. Not to mention when you understand how deep white super heroes or villains “get out of jail free” card occurs.

Let’s look at Loki. Thor’s adopted brother. He is responsible for incalculable misery and damage; his power play lead to an alien invasion that nearly destroyed all of Manhattan. Do we see Thor attempt to kill Loki? No. He just got smacked around. Loki even got his turn to be a good guy in the recent Thor: Ragnarok movie. Loki gets multiple, unearned chances to redeem himself no matter what damage he has done.

Let’s look at the CIA operative Everett Ross (Martin Freeman). The only white leading character in the movie gets to be a hero who helps save Wakanda. A white man who trades in secrets and deception is given a better turn than a black man whose father was murdered by his own family and who is left by family and nation to live in poverty. That’s messed up.

Killmonger, however, will not appear in another movie. He does not get a second chance. His black life did not matter even in a world of flying cars and miracle medicine. Why? Perhaps Killmonger’s main dream to free black people everywhere doesn’t match the villain criteria. We know from previous Marvel movies that Killmonger’s desire for revenge is not the necessary condition to eliminate him; Loki’s seeming permanence is proof.

Let’s look at M’Baku. We can also call him Man Ape. Although for the movie they couldn’t bring his comic book counter part to the big screen. Which I can forgive. What I can’t forgive is how they made him on screen. This is Man Ape. Not Man Chimp. No matter what, the comic book M’Baku never had the chance to save Wakanda in the same manner as his cinematic brethren.

Black Panther was and always will be a good movie. My opinion stems from the comic book roots. Yes I am being a bit harsh but that is who I am. I love comics. So the opportunity to see any comic book character comes to life deserves nothing less than the best. So educate yourself befor the Avenger’s movie comes out. Don’t be a sheep. Understand who Thanos is. Learn about his crew.

Here is a hint their name is the Black Order.

Resist the hype train. Don’t be a sheep.


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