Black Ops 4 Teaser Trailer

I know what you are thinking. OMG! Hands down the Black Ops series stayed true to the core first person action we all fell in love with in the Call of Duty series. Many can recall particular moments either in multiplayer and even single player. Who could forget the swag. Well for the fans who skipped the Infinite Warfare and WWII ( Yes I played both and hated it ) this could be your next fix.

With a global launch in October we already see that they are moving away from their usual November launch date. Hopefully we can expect boots to ground action. Personally I prefer that type of gun play. There will be a community reveal event in May which is right around the corner coming. I anticipate the hype train will be in full swing once we see what Treyarch have up their sleeves. I am hoping no more zombies…. but judging from the teaser I won’t hold my breath.


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