Black Ops 3: Black Market 3/22

Been playing Division so much I totally missed out on the new gear from Black Ops 3 Xur. Here is the trailer…

You can’t get these things by just playing the game and being awesome. You may have to spend some time getting those points or buy points from the store with real money. The trailer didn’t go in depth about some of the things you can get. Before I talk about that I remember a time when Call of Duty was about War…Check this clip..

Black Ops 3 is real tool. You know when you see man dropping that Dab in a game it bout to go down. They also have Hotline Bling and ting! So if you already got in on the action then show off those wins with some epic taunts. For those who didn’t know better get back in the saddle and rack up some points. The Black Ops Xur bringing the heat!