Black Mirror Season 5 Review

Watch with Caution


This season is best taken in small doses.

It took me a while to put my thoughts together for this season because I have some pretty complicated opinions on what I saw.  Will try to avoid spoilers.


Hands down my favorite episode.  It’s the most like traditional episodes back when it was a British run (and better) show.  The acting is perfect and the message is great and relevant; especially since its based on modern instead of future tech.  it talks about the power of social media companies and their ability to track people and make their apps more addictive.  It makes you think about how dependent everyone is on their phone.  But I’m sure you probably watched the episode on your iPhone anyway.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too:

It was a slightly controversial decision to have Miley Cyrus as the star of this episode but I must say that her performance impressed me.  It SHOULD’VE been easy for her to do since the plot is basically her life story.  The episode avoids the dark endings that Black Mirror is known for and some of the characters are kind of wasted in favor of focusing on Ashley Too.  The music reminds me of all the popcorn hits I heard growing up in the 90s.  the contrast between those and the hilarious profanity performed by the realistic Ashley TOO robot mix nicely.

Striking Vipers:

Last but not least and ironically the first episode listed on Netflix. I’ll be honest. I didn’t like this episode.  This episode took the longest for me to analyze.  In theory I should love everything about it since it was “perfect”.  From the acting to the cinematography.  The reason I don’t like it is because of the message. It makes black relationships look BAD.  Anthony Mackie (the Falcon, aka new Captain America) is bored with his perfect wife and kid.  And he really does his wife dirty.  In the end they reach  a compromise that honestly encourages toxic and destructive behavior.  I can only imagine that they will end up in divorce for nothing.

Feel free to watch the episodes and give your own opinions.  I know Striking Vipers especially is causing a lot of turmoil on the interwebs. 

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