Black Lightning Episode #1 Review

To be honest I didn’t think much for this show. Who is Black Lightning? Also the idea of another DC super hero show on the CW. So going in my expectations was low. That changed after I realized this isn’t that kind of super hero show. Black Lightning is a very savvy show, and one that deals with a number of complex themes. It introduces us immediately to a fully-formed world in Freeland, where exposition is revealed naturally, and the characters genuinely feel like they’ve known each other for years. There’s also an intimacy to Black Lighting that can be warm, like with Jefferson’s family, or extremely cold, like in close-up, violent executions by gang members. The series is not interested in having Jefferson or anyone else take out legions of faceless bad guys. There is a lot of gun violence, but it has a point; while life on the streets of Freeland may be cheap, death means something on Black Lightning.

Luke Cage which premiered on Netflix gave us the opportunity to see a lead black hero. Even though I loved the series Luke Cage suffered the fate of a slow pace and a hero who didn’t want to be a hero. We have something similar here but the theme here seems more like a mature family situation.

After watching the first episode I can strongly recommend waiting for at least 10 episode before taking the dive. Black Lightning started off strong. Lets see what the end game will be like.


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