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I have some anime news for you. I’ve been harassing CaribNerd and Blake lately on some anime shows that I’ve been watching. Was curious if they ever watched or heard of any of them.  Seems as if My Hero Academia has captured the attention of many. So this was in inspiration behind the blog,  was curious,  any of you ever heard of Black Clover? There’s a manga and an anime series. If you’ve watched it… awesome! But if you haven’t, then go ahead and check it out. To the  potential viewers, I highly recommend that you to watch the show in dub. I’ve explained the reason for this later in the blog so keep on reading if you would like to find out.

The producers of Naruto and Bleach did the anime and if you didn’t know better, you’ll swear that you’re seeing déjà vu as the show progress. Like I’ve said earlier, keep an open mind.

In a world that is dominated by magic, two orphans, Asta and Yuno were abandoned and was raised in a church orphanage. As they got older, the two  had the desire of becoming the next Wizard King. It’s like wanting to become the next Hokage for Naruto, the greatest Pokemon Master like Ash or wanting to become the Pirate King for One Piece. Asta, one of the main protagonist, is physically strong. He was born without magic. Throughout the show, he’s often loud. I mean really, REALLY loud. He shouts all the damn time! He shouts when he’s fighting, when he’s happy, excited.. oh gosh! We get the point, he likes shouting!  Seriously it can be unbearable if you’re watching  and listening to his Japanese voice. It came to the point, that I actually muted the show and read the subtitles, so I highly recommend watching it in dub. Asta is annoying to those who are around him however, he is generally a sweet guy at heart and manages to capture the affection of many within the series, even the Wizard King himself.

Yuno, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. He is extremely gifted, quiet, reserved , loved by many and has powerful magic which improves significantly over time. His magical powers are so great that he received the much sought-after rare four-leaf golden clover grimoire during a magic ceremony. The four leaf clover symbolizes luck. It was at the time of the ceremony, all the children at the village received their grimoires except Asta as he doesn’t possess magic in the first place and as a result, was mocked for it. Magic is everything in the Clover Kingdom.

Side note: Grimoires are not just given to you but they (the grimoires) choses its masters.

Both protagonists as stated earlier,  has the desire of become the next Wizard King. Why? Well, Asta wants to be acknowledged by others and wants to be the very best and feels that he would win the affection of his long term crush Sister Lily who helped raised him.  His ‘rival’ Yuno only wants to be the next Wizard King because Asta wants to be it. So he wishes to become the Wizard King first (DUMB and childish)

Therefore, in order for them to become the next Wizard King, they had to leave the comforts of their orphanage and go to the city and become Magic Knights.  During their magic examination, Yuno showed his skills and got placed into the best squad, the Golden Dawn. Asta, on the other hand, had difficulties with the exam but still managed and got into a squad the Black Bulls due to his determination and courage. The Black Bulls are considered as the rejects aka the “unworthy” group within the magic knights. But I am sure your curious on how Asta became qualified to take the magic examination in the first. Well let me tell you…

Before their adventure to the city and passing the magic examination, Asta and Yuno were attacked by an ex-Magic Knight who wanted to steal Yuno’s grimoire. Asta who had the determination for not giving up,  mysteriously received a five leaf black clover Grimoire which granted him power.  The grimoire came with a beaten rusty sword which has the ability to neutralize magic once it comes in contact with it. The five leaf clover grimoire is legendary and it either symbolizes the devil or a demon. I don’t really know which one it is as yet, but you know it has evil origins as it revealed a demon like shadow and a black aura when Asta came in contact with it. Since he has no magic,  Asta is currently the only one who has the ability to possess and wield its power.

Will Asta become the next Wizard King now that he possess this new power or would his rival Yuno beat him to the punch? I don’t have the answer to the question but one will need to keep watching the show to find out.

I’m already 44 episodes in and I have to watch the other episodes but overall,  I  gave this show a 7/10. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining and I do like it, but the show is generic.  It’s not unique.  It has so many clichés and reminds you of many shounen shows, where the writers took all the elements that viewers enjoyed and placed it all in this one show. In essence, the show itself lacks originality. For those who have been exposed to many shounen animes, there’s literally nothing out there that we haven’t seen already. The talented rival, loud mouth, problem child who wants to be the next big thing, a guild of outcasts, the love interest… you name it this show has it.

As I said, the show is entertaining to watch. I’ve recently seen the trailer for the new season where Asta got a transformation.  Half of this body resembles that of a demon, and upon seeing it I reminisced on where I saw that type of transformation before…. Im sure you’ve guessed correctly. Asta’s transformation is similar to that of Natsu and Meliodas. If you unsure on what I’m talking about, check out the pictures below for the comparison.

Asta’s new form in Season 2

Meliodas from “Seven Deadly Sins”
Natsu from Fairytail


As I stated already, I enjoy watching. It keeps me engaged despite the terrible animation/ graphics and Asta’s loud screaming, it is a decent show to watch. Don’t let my review deter you from watching it. Give it a try, you might actually like it. Overall, I am curious to find out how Asta, Yuno and the other characters in the anime story unfolds. What are your thoughts on Black Clover? Did I give it a fair rating? Would you rate it higher or lower? I look forward to reading your opinions in the comment section below.

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