Bethesda E3 2019 Details

The guys over at Bethesda brought a more human approach to their presentation. That epic fail called Fallout 76 left a bad taste in many gamers mouth. So I didn’t expect anything mind blowing.

I have NO IDEA what this game is about. The trailer left no clue to exactly what this game is all about but I know one thing is certain it seem to be an action adventure game in Tokyo.

The folks behind Dishonored have a new game with a twisted story plot. It seem to revolve around time loops. The freedom to choose how you play the game seem interesting enough.

In this “ultimate power fantasy,” you’ll go not only to Hell but to Heaven. It’ll have a multiplayer mode called “Battlemode.” Two player-controlled demons versus one player-controlled Doomguy. A “first-person fighter.”

Bethesda admitted they messed up and made it clear they will support the game. They announced a free new update called “Wastelanders” which will add actual computer-controlled human NPC characters with “full dialogue trees” and a “new main quest.” It’ll be out this fall. You can also have a chance to play Fallout 76 for free from June 10-17. Also there is the Battle Royal Mode. Yeah… you can check that out also during the free to play period.

Literally this was the only game that peeked my interest. I play this on my mobile phone and once I saw the controls for the switch I knew this will be a day one download for me. The mobile game is coming to Nintendo’s system this fall. It’ll be free to play, cross-play, and cross-progression with the mobile version. So if you’ve already been playing on the phone, you can pick up there where you left off on Switch. The mobile version will get a new update tonight with a “new dragon questline.”

More over the top antics from Rage 2. Not my cup of tea but they seem to be filling your desire for destruction and content.

Bethesda streaming software developed by ID called Orion, showed us that streaming games like Doom at max settings can be achieved with little to no latency. This is right up Google Stadia’s alley. Is this the direction we are going?

There was some Elder Scrolls Online content that made a few people scream but I didn’t feel like Bethesda “wow” me. They played it safe. They only talked about games that they knew was almost finished and if it wasn’t no dates were given. Maybe they didn’t want to disappoint their fans any more they did with Fallout 76. I give them a C.


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