Batman Gotham By Gaslight Review

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Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is a visually unique, action-packed, and satisfying mystery tale that’s worth adding to your collection.

Batman Gotham by Gaslight re imagined the Caped Crusader in a Victorian setting, facing off against Jack the Ripper. It’s a rich concept, one that doesn’t completely deliver due to regressive representation and predictable plot beats. But fans of the Elseworlds source material, or Batman will find enough to like here.

Gotham by Gaslight features some of my favorite Batman fight-or-flight sequences ever. This version of Batman still has gadgets, but they’re steampunk by design and not nearly the Swiss Army Knife his utility belt is in modern times. In other words, he has to resort to his wits and his fists more often than not. And believe me when I say that Batman gets his butt handed to him on more than one occasion. That’s not to say this Batman is less capable than other versions. But against the Ripper, Batman struggles mightily and it’s fantastic.

Those looking for a play by play of the source material will be disappointed. Many things changed. Which could be a good thing in my opinion. For example the female counterpart got a strong bump up from the novel. Also Jack the Ripper got a more meaningful representation. Being a strong Batman fn I can comfortably say this is worth the watch.


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