Batman Gotham by Gaslight Review

One thing you can bank on is DC Animations Studio. The live action DC films need a little bit more time to get their groove. This is an adaption from the Graphic novel which I must say didn’t take everything from the source material. That for the first time isn’t that bad.


This is Batman re imagined in a Victorian Gotham. Where Jack the Ripper is running loose. Familiar villains make an appearance in this version. We have Selina Kyle, Poison Ivy, Harvey Dent, Harvey Bullock, Leslie Tompkins, Hugo Strange, and Solomon Grundy.

Batman complements so much in this era. Batman essentially supplants Sherlock Holmes here, investigating the crimes of Jack the Ripper across an 1880s Gotham City that suspiciously resembles 19th-century London. With loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth at the ready, three different Robins playing Oliver Twist-inspired street urchins, and Batman’s rogues gallery of femme fatales filling in for Ripper bait, Bruce Wayne’s world effortlessly plugs into this tailor-made template.

Is this a must watch? Not really. This animated movie stands on its own with great plot twists and character association. I guess being a movie buff I felt the plot was a bit predictable.


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