Avengers Endgame Spoiler Free Review

The hype was real!!! Carib Gamer booked our private viewing for the premier of the Avengers Endgame at UP’s Cineplex. We had to have the best experience for the conclusion to the most epic saga any of us the fans have ever seen. So was this movie epic? Was it worth the wait? Let’s find out.

Short answer YES. This movie pulled on every emotion. From Avengers Infinity War you already felt the pain and the desperateness overshadowing every character. While all the while injecting humor and excitement.

For the comic book fans like me I couldn’t stop shouting and jumping. So much reference to the comics. Even though the Russo Brothers claimed they wasn’t staying on the comic book path they gave us enough to feel comfortable that the characters didn’t stray to far from their origins.

The story this time around will have some people screaming “cop out” but in all honesty it was done quite beautifully. Marvel didn’t shy from that fact and made it seem natural and how the web was woven it all connected somehow.


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