Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 50 & 51 Review

Attack on Titan is back! This anime got me in my feelings! Why you ask? Well we are right where we started. Eren is back at his home and the amount of emotions running through his head right now got him shaking.

Taking back Wall Maria, Erens job was simple. Plug back up the holes using his hardening skill. Interesting enough there is no titans to be seen. The whole situation screams trap. As you know the whole team is on high alert and can expect their traitor friends Reiner and Bertholdt to come and spoil their plans.

Erwin gave Armin the reigns to call the shots. Although he seem overwhelmed with the sudden promotion he quickly took a deep breath and went to work. Eren was successful at plugging the first hole. All the while Armin felt uneasy about the deadly silence. So he instructed the scouts to check the walls.

He was right and like a rat Reiner revealed himself and killed one of the scouts. Then BAM! My boy Levi on him like white on rice! straight for the neck! I really thought he got him! But Reiner ain’t no light weight.

So with the armored titan out in the open the trap was sprung. The Beast Titan showed up with his squad of titans which surrounded them. Erwin knew it was about to go down! It seem the Beast Titan plan was to kill the horses so they couldn’t get away but Erwin started to make his own plans.

This is when things got very interesting. Erwin schemed a plan. He knew Reiner was after Eren but also knew he had his eyes on the horses. So like a “G” he called Reiner’s bluff.

Erwin said something that stuck with me.

And upon a mountain of their corpses.. I now stand.

Attack on Titan Episode 51

I don’t know what to think of that. He feels remorse but it was a necessity for his dream. He realizes that he was the only person fighting for a dream rather than fighting to survive. This lead him to eventually inspire others, and giving orders. But this had its drawbacks. Erwin suspects that he’s been lying to these people. He imagines himself standing on a mountain of corpses, and that he’s been raised by their sacrifices. He holds a lingering regret for “fooling” his cadets, but Erwin still hasn’t given up on his dream. We know he will be fighting to the very end. But seeing such an intense side of Erwin’s thoughts left me like whoa…

Moving on Eren and Reiner going at it. The emotions in this fight goes deep. I think Reiner underestimated Eren. He depended to much on his armor thinking he is safe and no one can get through. Well Well he gon learn today!

Hange got a new weapon ready for him called the Thunder Strike. It is a rod that shoots deep within and explodes. Reiner wasn’t ready. Like ants on sugar the scouts went in on him and lets just say he is not having a good day.


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