Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 32 Review



Attack on Titan hands down best anime to watch right now! If you hate cliffhangers this one here will leave you breathless!!!

In this episode of Attack on Titan titled “Close Combat” in my opinion had the most action I have seen since the beginning of Season 2. This episode essentially gave us a twenty-minute grudge match between Eren and Reiner, and my god, it was glorious. Every earth-shattering suplex and stunning reversal had me grinning continuously.

The flashbacks did slowed down the momentum at first but it was needed to remind us that all of Eren’s rage stemmed from the actions of Reiner and Bertholdt. Because of the armored titan and the colossal titan thousands of people died including Erens’s mom. Even I couldn’t forget that scene. The fact that they were with them that whole time training and fighting was all a lie. They did an excellent job portraying Eren’s rage. The sense of betrayal went deep and it showed. Although it clouded his judgement for a while we got that epic comeback and reversal that had Reiner struggling.

Mikasa finally gets some time to shine, both in being the coolest human fighter as well as Eren’s trusted ally. Even though she and Armin don’t have any success taking down the two traitors, it was still nice to see the series’ core trio working together again to tackle a seemingly insurmountable problem. We also see the scout team struggling against the colossal titan. He used some sort of heating steam to defend himself. So basically it was the waiting game.

When Eren finally got Reiner aka the armored titan in a headlock it was all over. Mikasa swooped in like Batman and cut him at the exposed area on his leg. Reiner started to cry out for help. Just then we thought other titans were coming to help and there was nothing. Then at that moment the colossal titan unhinged himself from the top of the wall. Did a nose dive directly at Eren and Reiner. THEN THE GREATEST CLIFFHANGER EVER! Just like that episode is done. To be continued! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So far Attack on Titan have been keeping me at the edge of my seat! This episode receives another 5 stars!


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