Attack on Titan Season 2 Episode 31



Attack on Titan has done it again! Loved everything about this episode!

Attack on Titan episode 31 had me do a double take. I must warn you. Spoilers are ahead. You have been warned!

Episode 30 was just beautiful. At the very end we see Ymir stretched out with missing limbs. Then that scene that pulled me from my chair in amazement…We learned that Christa name was Historia. She is of a noble bloodline. A bastard child that shouldn’t be alive. Her very existence seem to be a problem. She kept her promise and now will no longer be living a lie. A beautiful ending for episode 30.

Fast Forward to episode 31 and this is when things get REAL!!!!

So let me first talk about Ymir. She was revealed as the Titan infiltrator and it seem to be a shock for everyone especially for Bertholdt and Reiner. I was intrigued at the scene where Reiner caught wind that Ymir could understand the language on the cans. Which made him realize something. What it was we would never know. Seeing how they were attacked at that very moment. All we know is that whatever her motives, Ymir was willing to betray her secret to protect her friends, something Historia passionately reminds Hanji of this week. She argues that Ymir is too simple and earnest to be part of some grand conspiracy, but even though Hanji agrees, that doesn’t necessarily make things easier for the war.

This brings us to Bertholdt and Reiner. I almost couldn’t believe that this season would be so brazen as to answer one of its biggest mysteries with a throwaway line, information dropped so casually that it comes across as a joke. The Colossal Titan has long been the mascot of the Titan forces in general, the figurehead for everything they represent to humanity, the first Abnormal Titan in the show alongside the Armored Titan. I had long assumed that the series was going to take its time revealing these Titans’ identities, but Reiner just decides to let that information go as if he were making small talk about the weather.

Then the show does something pretty smart. It immediately gives us a flashback revealing that everyone already knew that Bertholdt and Reiner were up to something. They enlisted from the same region as Annie, and Reiner’s role in the details of Annie’s attack last season paints him in a pretty suspicious light. It’s a nice reminder that these kids are soldiers and tacticians after all, and they’ve done their homework in figuring out who might be the mole in their defenses. But by positioning the reveal before this flashback, the audience is put into Eren’s shoes emotionally rather than intellectually. Even though he knows that they can’t be trusted, Eren still tries to brush off this confession, because come on, that’s how we’re going to find out? No six-episode-long battle, no gory interrogations, no monologues explaining the Titans’ true plans? It’s just so anticlimactic, and that’s the joke. Also to be honest I am happy they didn’t take that route.

Bertholdt and Reiner isn’t your everyday villain types. The look on their faces was that of fear and exhaustion. Mikasa ain’t no joke. She quickly went into beast mode on them. Seeing how they were already on high alert. Suspecting them to be titans was correct. I give this episode a full 5 stars!!! The next episode will be full of action and maybe some questions answered!



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