Attack on Titan Episode 35 & 36 Review

If you have been living under a rock for the past two months Attack on Titan Season 2 is here and the episodes have been lit from day one! Episode 35 and 36 was like a train wreck of emotions and revelations. Lets begin with episode 35.

Ymir’s Choice

This episode was all about Ymir and her decision to work with Reiner and Bertold. Ymir is madly in love with Historia. Yes I said it. Ymir will climb Mt. Everest for this girl. Her decision is based solely on her safety. Although we did get a sneak peek of her past. Very juicy info there. It seem that she was in a cult and they were worshipping her somewhat. Then when the crap hit the fan she kept up the lie and paid for it.

Now here is where things got interesting. She was stuck with a syringe that caused her to be turned into a titan. MIND BLOWN! So we now know that as punishment she was turned into a titan then thrown out outside the wall to roam. We see here she was roaming for many years. Then is when she took a bite of Reiner and Bertold friend she became human again.

The musical score at this moment was spot on. Ymir was done with living for anyone else. She saw that same life in Historia eyes. She knew that they both are kindred spirits. Which makes my point valid. She is madly in love with her. Which is cool. She convince Reiner and Bertold to allow her to get Historia and link back with them. That brings us to the chase…for Eren in Episode 36.



Let it be known that Captain Erwin is a BEAST. This man is the MVP in this episode. To be honest this episode was just pure epic sauce. Yes. Epic Sauce. Lets begin with the facts. Reiner transformed into the armored titan making his escape. We have Bertold holding on his back Eren and Historia is in Ymir’s mouth. There are smaller titans chasing them. The scouts are not to far behind. Nothing about this situation screams success.


Mikasa really shines in this episode. We see how dedicated she is to Eren. I am not sure what he did to her (#eatthebox) but we can guarantee she will kill everyone who gets in her way.

Mikasa wasn’t having it. She mean she getting back Eren. That stare though……

All jokes aside her determination to save Eren even at the cost of killing friends is scary. Tensions rise as the scouts gather round on the neck of Reiner. This is when you realize that Reiner and Bertold showed some remorse for what they have done. Even then Mikasa wasn’t having it.

This is when things took a turn for the worse. Captain Erwin had some titans following him and he led them in a collision course with Reiner. Captain Erwin is crazy. The plan worked. It immobilized Reiner and Bertold. Giving them the chance they needed.

At that moment I thought this man would flinch and scream help me. Not this man. Even when a titan chewing on his arm his resolve remained the same. Save Eren at any cost. BEAST MODE! I tell you all the hairs on the back of my neck rose up! I was inspired all of a sudden. Mikasa didn’t hesitate. She launched forward and almost had Eren but missed and got her ribs crushed somewhat by a titan but then she got saved. Then when you thought all hope is lost Armin got close.

Armin showed a dark side that I won’t lie felt good to see. The way he utilized Bertold’s feelings against him by saying that they are torturing Annie at that moment. Playing with his head was exactly the opening they needed for the MVP Captain Erwin to swoop in with the cut! YES CAPTAIN ERWIN with his one hand! I tell y’all from the beginning of this review this man is the MVP!

When you think that was it Reiner threw titans at them like missiles. Which cause Mikasa and Eren horse to trip and fall. Also the dust hindered their visibility. To make matters worse with he injury that Mikasa took with the titan she was in no position to fight. So back to square one. Oh wait there is more.

The titan that killed Eren’s mom was walking straight at them. I kid you not! This is what Attack on Titan been doing to me for the past couple months. Cliff hanger after cliff hanger. This reminds me of my Dragon Ball Z days when the moderator would ask the questions and he would always say “Check us next week!”

Things are not looking good for our heroes. With the revelation of the village turning into titans, Ymir flash back showing us that they are capable of turning people into titans only cement my theory that this was a bad experiment gone wrong. Now Eren and Mikasa is in a bad position. How they will survive this we will have to wait for next week.


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