Apex Legends: Available Now!

No more rumors! Respawn Entertainment finally have released their Free to Play game. It is a Battle Royal type game set in the Titanfall universe. This game is available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

What you should know is that Respawn Entertainment took their time creating each Legend. Creating a balanced roster was their top priority. Since being free to play expect tons of skins for sale like Fortnite. That game is basically the template for all Battle Royal games.

What make this game different is that you have a chance revive a player after they have been “thirstied”. You grab their badge card and run to a respawn point and they will be back in the game. That is good news for me.

Of course Carib Nerd and It’s Your Boy Blake gonna try our hand on this new game. Expect some epic fails from me Carib Nerd. Not a fan of these types of games. Since it is like Titanfall I may have a fighting chance.


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