Altered Carbon Review Spoiler Free

  • 7.5/10
    Desired More - 7.5/10


If you enjoy movies like Blade Runner or even the Matrix (without the action) This series will be up your alley!

This is a Netflix show you shouldn’t binge on your phone: it demands a bigger screen so you can appreciate the neon-lit Blade Runner-esque noirish excess of the city that’s been created.

In the world of Altered Carbon, death is cheap. The human mind is digitized in a transferrable chip called a “stack,” capable of being moved from body to body as necessary—or, if you’ve got the cash for it, as desired. Bodies have become increasingly uncoupled from the consciousnesses that occupy them. Slang now just calls them “sleeves.” The future of Altered Carbon, Netflix’s new science fiction series, is one where flesh is just another kind of economy. Believe me don’t skip any of the 10 episodes.

Altered Carbon‘s reality, the show is basically a detective story. This isn’t, in and of itself, a bad idea—neo-noir has always been a part of cyberpunk’s sci-fi DNA, and the broad idea of an outsider taking a tour through a hostile world has a lot of potentials. But the engines of the plot, focusing on Kovacs’ place in the world and Bancroft’s murder, pull the viewer away from the provocative questions that sleeves and stacks raise.

For all its genre bells and whistles — virtual realities, memory splices, jacked-up soldiers in black masks and fantastical castles in the clouds — much of “Altered Carbon” rests on that most basic TV building block: the cop show. There are moments when the sci-fi imagination engine goes in full rev just to slow back down to a crawl. Altered Carbon isn’t the kind of show that can be watched separately. Especially when little tidbits of information reveals the reasons for Kovacks decisions.



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