About Carib Gamer

Caribgamer is a group of like-minded individuals who wishes to continue the ‘old school’ traditions of playing videogames as a united community, not in isolation.

Our slogan: Uniting gamers in the Caribbean

Membership History

The formation of Caribgamer was the long time vision of Ruscle “Caribnerd” Jones who is the group’s CEO. Upon finding individuals who shares the same vision like him, the creation of the group evolved with the assistance of Glenn “Blake” Cherubim and Timothy Razer.

As time progressed, the Caribgamer family grew with the assistance of Abbi “Joyestyke” Christopher.  Timothy then left the network and Elvon “Lunchbox” Pope joined the crew followed by  Argel “BVI Mermaid” Horton and lastly Leinelle “Jehuty” Frederick. Together, we are the core of Caribgamer.